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About Us

James Ashcroft founded Ashcroft Art after spending a number of years working in London’s West End. Passionate about art but equally passionate about our clients, we provide an art sourcing and collection building service that is highly personalised and professional.

We work with a broad spectrum of photographers, living contemporary artists, and secondary market master works and graphics. We decided not to open a brick and mortar gallery in order to avoid London’s costly overheads, and pass that saving directly to the client.

We have worked closely with the brilliant Terry O'Neill - CBE - for many years and have placed hundreds of O'Neill's photographs in major collections around the world, from Sydney to Delhi and London. Following Terry's passing in November 2019 we are committed to ensuring his legacy lives on through his remarkable archive.

James also works closely with leading photographer, David Yarrow, and in 2018 travelled with him to Moscow for his exhibition in the world famous Multimedia Art Museum. Yarrow has a way of immersing himself with his subjects and capturing an intimacy that few photographers manage to do. From his early works in Africa and India to his recent projects with Cara Delevingne and Pamela Anderson, we love working with David and are fortunate to have access to this wonderful catalogue of work.

Importantly what separates us from other dealers and galleries is that the brief comes from the client. Our direct relationships to artists and collectors are used to meet that brief and deliver a bespoke art-buying experience.

David Yarrow Photography available through Ashcroft Art

James with the late Terry O’Neill (1938 – 2019)

Private Commissions

We have undertaken a wide spectrum of commissions from personal client pieces to corporate environments. As always we work very closely with the client to fulfill their brief. Commissions are either fulfilled through working with a specific artist to fulfill a request, or by working with the space and the type of art that would be most suited to the space.

The world of commissions and corporate art can be difficult to navigate and we try to make the process as smooth, hassle free, fun and rewarding as possible.

If you would like to speak with us about a private commission, we would be happy to help, please contact us.

Ashcroft Art has placed hundreds of Terry O'Neill photography in major collections around the world.

We are passionate about art, but equally passionate about our clients, and providing them with a service that far exceeds expectations.

Contact Us

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  [email protected]

Please get in touch if you would like any further information on our artists or available works. Or complete our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

David Yarrow Photography available through Ashcroft Art